Crowley Pens Op-Ed: More To Do To Fight Female Genital Mutilation

Congressman Crowley, Chariman of the House Democratic Caucus, wrote an opinion piece this week that highlights the work that must continue to be done to fight the inhumane practice of female genital mutilation that affects millions of girls around the world, including here in the United States.

Crowley Asks Congress To Study Health Effects of Airplane Noise

Congressman Crowley along with the rest of the Congressional Quiet Skies Caucus asked Congress to fund two provisions to bring relief to residents who live in communities that are affected by airplane noise.  The Quiet Skies Caucus hopes to fund a study to examine the health effects of airplane noise on residents that live close to an airport.  Crowley was a founding member of the Quiet Skies Caucus and continues to advocate for the improvement of the quality of life of residents that live in communities that are located close to airports.

Crowley Announces Kalief Browder Re-Entry Success Act

Kalief Browder committed suicide in his family's Bronx apartment after he spent three years as a teen in Rikers Island.


Congressman Crowley, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, announced his bill on the steps of New York City Hall named Kalief Browder Re-Entry Success Act.  The bill aims to provide the appropriate mental health services to inmates leaving jail and attempting to successfully reenter society.

Crowley Hosts Town Hall on Immigration

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Congressman Crowley teamed up with Assemblyman Francisco Moya to sponsor an Immigration Town Hall on March 23, 2017 in Corona, Queens.  In addition to speaking at the Town Hall, Crowley invited constituents to discuss their own personal immigration stories, as well as, representatives from organizations such as, Queens District Attorney's Office, American Immigration Lawyers Association were available to give specific advice and field questions.

Crowley Pens Immigration Op-Ed

Congressman Joseph Crowley, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, took the time to pen an opinion piece in the Queens Tribune, discussing immigration within his own personal story, his values, the impact it has had on his community in Queens, and promise of the American Dream within the United States of America.

Crowley Fights Against Harmful GOP Health Care Bill

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Congressman Crowley continues to lead the charge against the GOP Health Care Bill as he sees it would be harmful to New Yorka and to his constituents.  In his new role as Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Crowley argues that the GOP plan would leave Americans paying MORE, for LESS coverage.

Crowley Hosts 14th Annual Women's History Month Celebration at New York Botanical Garden

Chairman Crowley Hosts 14th Annual Women’s History Month Celebration at New York Botanical Garden

Congressman Crowley hosted his 14th Annual Women's History Month Celebration.  He was joined by Special Guest Congresswoman Grace Meng, who delivered the keynote address, at the New York Botanical Garden and recognized three women who have made tremendous contributions to their communities.

Crowley Invites Local Businessman & Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Victim As His Guest To Joint Address To Congress

Congressman Crowley invited an Astoria store owner, who was beaten in an anti-Muslim hate crime attack over a year ago to travel to Washington, D.C. and attend President Donald Trump's address to Congress last Tuesday.  Crowley wanted to remind President Trump of the many different faces that make up the fabric of America, including Mr. Haque's.

Crowley Hosts 18th Annual Black History Month Celebration

Congressman Crowley hosted his 18th Annual Black History Month Celebration on February 22, 2017.  Rep. Cedric Richmond of New Orleans, Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, joined as the guest of honor for the keynote address.  Crowley recognized two individuals for their impacts in their communities.

Crowley Condemns White House for Excluding Jewish People from Holocaust Rememberance Day Statement

Congressman Crowley sponsored a resolution in the House that called to specifically acknowledge that the Nazi Regime targeted the Jewish people in the Holocaust.  With a rise of anti-Semitic rhetoric around the country, Crowley believes it is important now more than ever, to reinforce our commitment to the Jewish people and to acknowledge their heinous targeting at the hands of the Nazis.


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